Renée is the founder of her second company, Safe Food 101. Her career spans over 25+ years in the hospitality industry with nearly ten of those years as owner and executive chef of a successful off-premise catering company.  Keeping true to her passion, catering, Renée began doing some catering consulting work, which led to the role as a catering sales manager and chef once again for a local restaurant. As a chef and business owner, food safety was always the forefront concern, whether it is on a personal or professional level, which led to the creation of a new chapter in her recipe book.

Renée teaches the Certified Food Protection Manager Course - CFPM in the St. Louis Metro East Area, primarily in the local counties of Madison, St. Clair, Clinton and Jefferson. Classes offered are to the public, however, private classes can be scheduled at the clients' location.  Renée keeps busy by teaching this same class for Lewis and Clark College through the Professional Development Program.

What a varied résumé that has evolved over the years. This evolution has enriched her on many platforms and has rewarded Renée with many experiences to learn and continue to grow from. 

If you would like to employ Renée and her professional services, she can be contacted directly at 618.406.4077 or at